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How to convince the most sceptical to go camping in the High Alps this summer?

“Darling, this summer, we’re going camping in the High Alps in France ! ». In front of your enthusiasm, your wife frowns, your two teenagers seem depressed and your youngest, from the top of his 8 years, is perplexed. Don’t worry: their reaction is neither a disease nor a way to protest against you. You’re just dealing with sceptical campers. Here are some powerful arguments that will tip the scales your way… without too much effort.


“Camping? Don’t even think about it!”

The simple word “camping”, gets your wife thinking about tent canvas, mosquitoes, lack of comfort and other preconceived ideas belonging to another era. Don’t blame her: she’s not the only one who’s wrong about the current meaning of camping holidays. First, tell her that the Hauts de Rosans is a 4-star campsite. This translates into high-end, very comfortable and modern accommodation, a heated swimming pool (yes, ma’am!), quality services and a stunning environment. Don’t hesitate to show her some pictures to convince her… In principle, you won’t need to insist more for her to accept… even if she refuses to admit that she was wrong in the first place.


“We’ll get bored! There’s nothing to do!”

Would your teenagers have decided to turn away, at least a few hours a day, from their mobile phones and tablets? It’s already a good thing, don’t you think? Tell them about the activities they can try, a few miles only from the campsite: climbing, paragliding, hiking (well, okay… we won’t go too far… And it’s flat… Well, almost. Promised!). Tell them they can swim in the heated pool and meet other kids their own age. And if that’s not enough, tell them there’s WiFi and it’s free!


“What’s camping?”

Your youngest just finished his second grade. Apart from the TV series and comics he’s gone through, camping doesn’t mean much to him. Never mind. To start with, reassure him: “There will be fries, my darling”. Now that you have established favourable conditions, explain to him that you will stay in a great place, that he will have a super cool tent for himself (if there is availability !), that he will be able to go to bed late, enjoy the swimming pool and that you will do many beautiful things together: mountain biking, walks, excursions…


You are prepared to convince even the most recalcitrant members of your family to spend a summer camping vacation. The 4-star campsite, in the Hautes-Alpes, Les Hauts de Rosans, promises a successful holiday in a privileged setting, with an optimal level of comfort. Once they’ve tried it, they won’t want to go back!

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Camping Moyenne Montagne - Les Hauts de Rosans

Why should you choose a mid-mountain site to go camping?

Why should you choose a mid-mountain site to go camping?

A few months before the summer holidays, it is time to make a decision regarding your destination. As often, many will prefer the beaches while some will opt for the pleasures of the mountains. And you? Have you ever thought about all the advantages that summer holidays will offer you in a mid-mountain campsite like Rosans in the Baronnies provençales?

Rediscover calm and true relaxation

Above all, holidays should allow you to recharge your batteries for the rest of the year. Why would you want to pile up on overcrowded beaches or suffer the heat wave? Instead, come and enjoy the large spaces available. Breathe a pure and invigorating air which will guarantee you peaceful nights and thus a truly restorative sleep! Moreover, by choosing the mountain, you won’t even need to endure the slowdowns and traffic jams to get to the coast. Admit it’s a great way to start your vacation, isn’t it?

Enjoy the beauty of nature

The mountain allows you to take height and enjoy absolutely superb panoramas. A word of advice, don’t forget your camera! In the Baronnies provençales region, you can also admire natural lakes and wild streams. Just like at the seaside, you can lay your towel on the edge and enjoy the purity of the water. Wildlife is also great in mountainous areas. By learning to observe it, you will discover all its beauty and diversity for magical and unforgettable memories. Moreover, you will have access to a hiking circuit to make the most all the hidden charms of the area, starting from the campsite. Get your backpack and walking shoes ready now! Many sporting activities (some of which will give you shivers such as parachuting or hang gliding) will also be available to those who are looking for thrills.

Baronnies provençales - Camping Les Hauts de Rosans

Discover home produce

The mid-mountain villages have managed to preserve their picturesque and rustic side. You will have all the leisure to discover authentic villages. You will thus have access to all the richness of the products resulting from a soil of a great quality. Thanks to the formidable know-how of the local craftsmen, do take time to taste sausages with a unique taste, cheeses of character and many other delicious specialities. Don’t hesitate to ask about the various restaurants and inns in the region. Expect beautiful surprises as the soil of the Baronnies provençales is rich and varied!

Would you like to discover or go back to a mid-mountain campsite in the Baronnies provençales? Don’t wait any longer to make your reservation for this summer!


Zoom on the Drôme provençale

Zoom on the Drôme provençale

You have landed in this beautiful place in France, the Drôme Provençale. Your suitcases are packed, you are ready to discover, explore, enjoy all the resources that this rich and varied environment has to offer. One thing is certain: you’ll be busy!

For wilderness enthusiasts

The Baronnies provençales regional nature park is a vast area where alpine and Mediterranean climates meet, together with rock and sun, creating an interesting diversity of fauna and flora. It is not impossible, if you look up to the sky, to see large raptors such as the golden eagle or vultures flying above you!

The strength of this landscape is characterized by its raw and singular reliefs, real sculptures carved directly into the stone. An incredible wild land where the preservation of species is paramount. To have the chance to observe all this heritage and enjoy the change of scenery, trails are practicable for this purpose.

For history enthusiasts

In the heart of the Baronnies, on the border of the Drôme provençale, lies the charming village of Rosans, once a fortified village, where holidaymakers can stroll through cobbled streets. One can observe the vestiges of the past in this picturesque medieval village. Stones of character, vaulted doors, an ancient Protestant temple and the Saint Arey church with its bell tower from the early 18th century will delight you during your stroll … out of time.

An emblematic and historical element surmounting this place: the Square Tower dating from the 18thcentury, which can be visited most of the year. If you wish to bring an educational touch to your outing, guided tours are organised every day during the summer period on request at the ecomuseum.

For physical activity enthusiasts

It is up to you to find the way you want to visit the large natural spaces that the Baronnies Provençales park has to offer. By taking a little speed on the bike paths, by spreading your wings with paragliders, flying over the mountain and forest massifs, or simply by putting on your best shoes to go hiking. Mountain guides will be there to accompany you and deliver you all the secrets that make the richness of these valleys.

For those who like to have their head in the stars

The astronomical observatory near Rosans, 4 km away, offers a fabulous experience. Armed with your telescope, day or night, you can observe stars or constellations by day. This site benefits from a beautiful black sky, free from light pollution or clouds. The night show will be there, waiting for you, together with explanations from astronomy professionals and enthusiasts.

If you too want to have an unforgettable stay full of emotions, all in a relaxing setting, book your pitch at Les Hauts de Rosans campsite now.


Parc naturel des Baronnies provençales Lavande Vol a Voile

Zoom on Rosans and the Provençal Baronnies natural park

Dreaming of a nature getaway? What about a well-being-oriented stay, full of walks and discoveries? The Baronnies provençales natural regional park is the choice of a region full of promises. Beautiful perched villages, preserved nature, mild and sunny climate, rich and varied soil, here is a destination that will delight all holidaymakers!

The Provençal Baronnies, the latest French natural parks

Classified Regional Natural Park in 2015, the Baronnies Provençales Natural Park is the 51stand latest park created in France. It is a mid-mountain region situated between the Drôme area and the High Alps. It encompasses picturesque medieval-style villages that carry the country’s historical heritage. Castles, terraces and villages constitute the historical heritage of this beautiful region. The Baronnies Provençales Park is also home to many local producers who will delight connoisseurs: essential oils, olive oil, Provence honey, etc. Not forgetting its wine production with the Côtes du Rhône, the Cru Vinsobres or the IGP Côteaux des Baronnies. Lovers of culture, history and gastronomy must also attend the festival in the Baronnies provençales.

Parc naturel des Baronnies provençales Vtt

A paradise for sports and nature lovers

A regional natural park is also an outdoor area preserved and conducive to practising many sporting activities. A paradise for hikers of course, but also for mountain bike enthusiasts, horse riders and even paragliders! The Provençal Baronnies benefit from a particular wild fauna and flora, resulting from the close encounter of the alpine and Mediterranean environments. As a result, walkers are immersed in magnificent landscapes offering plenty of new animals and plants to look at. The observation of the sky, renowned for its depth and sharpness, is also an activity of choice in the Provençal Baronnies.

Parc naturel des Baronnies provençales

Excursion in the village of Rosans

On the borders of the Baronnies Park, just before the Drôme region, the wonderful village of Rosans hangs on the slope of a hill. Rosans is an essential stopover during your stay in the Baronnies provençales. The village has kept its medieval character which gives it a unique atmosphere. Do take time to visit its square tower, its church, its castle and its small alleys. A beautiful destination for travellers, especially those who are fond of history and feudal architecture.

The campsite “Les Hauts de Rosans” is located near Rosans, a true haven of peace in the heart of nature. The 4-star campsite is situated in a superb mountain setting offering an exceptional panorama over the Parc des Baronnies provençales. Whether in a tent, a caravan or a rental, all the carefully arranged pitches offer the visitor the pleasant feeling of being alone in the world, immersed in a unique nature. Swimming pool, animations, mountain bike loan, “les Hauts de Rosans” combine the freedom of camping with a high level of comfort and quality services. Its owners give great importance to the preservation of the environment and the development of the territory.

Parc naturel des Baronnies provençales Lavande

Are you convinced by this exceptional region? All you have to do is take the direction of Rosans and the Parc des Baronnies provençales. To get your trip off to a good start, make a reservation at Les Hauts de Rosans campsite. It’s the guarantee of a successful stay!

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Les Hauts de Rosans : rated “Excellent” on TripAdvisor

Les Hauts de Rosans : rated “Excellent” on TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is an independent platform that gathers opinions and tourist advice from customers who have visited restaurants, hotels, campsites, cities and regions. For many holidaymakers, TripAdvisor has become an essential information point before making a reservation. And there’s a good reason for that! It is a case of knowing, at best, under what conditions you can hope to spend your next holidays or a good time with friends or family. The Hauts de Rosans campsite, in the High Alps, has been rated “Excellent” by users of this platform. In this article, we present some of the most useful comments written by holidaymakers on TripAdvisor.

“Perfect change of scenery.”

Whether it is their first stay at the Hauts de Rosans campsite, or whether they are used to coming back every year, holidaymakers like the campsite for the change of scenery it offers. A campsite with an absolutely magnificent view, in a very quiet and well-maintained environment. On TripAdvisor, holidaymakers praise the campsite, even talking about a “genuine little paradise”.

“Very helpful and friendly owners.”

When Chantal and Henri say goodbye to their guests, the comments they get back often mention the friendliness of the owners and the staff at the Hauts de Rosans. The owners, like the rest of the team, are appreciated for their helpful and friendly attitude. Indeed, Les Hauts de Rosans is focused on service quality, ensuring that everyone has an unforgettable holiday.

Clean and comfortable accommodation

The quality of the accommodation at the Hauts de Rosans campsite in the High Alps receives excellent feedback from those who have stayed there. Comfort and cleanliness are the terms that come up most often with, of course, the magnificent view of the Baronnies. The accommodations are modern, the infrastructures and activities of excellent quality: the holidaymakers say it themselves!

A heated swimming pool at the beginning of the season

At the Hauts De Rosans campsite, certain details are important. As such, the fact that the pool is heated from the beginning to the end of the season is particularly appreciable, allowing everyone to enjoy the swimming pool from early morning to late in the evening!

Visits and varied walks

If the campsite, the accommodation, the geographical location, the heated swimming pool, the restaurants and infrastructures have everything to please, the environment in which it is located promises a rich and varied holiday. A few moments away from the campsite, there are many places to visit and discover as well as a particularly interesting heritage.

A campsite situated in a magnificent natural setting, offering quality rentals and pitches, including a smile and excellent service… how about spending your next holiday there? Click here to discover the Hauts de Rosans campsite.

Les villages perchés des Hautes-Alpes | Camping les Hauts de Roans

The perched villages of the High Alps

The perched villages of the High Alps

From the top of the sunny mountain slopes, the perched villages stand like real fortresses. Each street corner is full of surprises: a mysterious covered passage, a shady square, a miraculously preserved old door… Walking through their peaceful narrow streets, the visitor does not suspect that these beautiful stones contain a tumultuous past.

Rosans and surroundings

The multiple invasions, the continuous struggles between Dauphiné and Provence, the religious wars, are as many reasons to establish themselves high up to anticipate attacks and dominate the enemy.

This, time seems to have stopped at Rosans, whose origin dates back at least to Gallo-Roman times. One enters through one of the doors into this medieval fortified village, gathered around a huge 13th century square tower with diamond cut stone blocks.

Saint-May, overlooking the gorges of the Eygues, really deserves a small incursion in the Drôme, neighbouring department. Through its many steps, it takes visitors back to the past: a small church with a round apse, the remains of ramparts, the fountain, the sundials, the ruins of the abbey of Bodon…

Back in the High Alps, and not far from Rosans, leave the Serres road at the Saulce pass for a small bifurcation that will take you to Montmorin via the Tourettes pass. Enjoy the splendid views over the valley of the Oule and go for a stroll in the narrow alleys of this small Provençal village. You will discover its 15th century church and the ruins of the seigneurial castle. The panorama is stunning.

Ten minutes north of Serres, La Bâtie-Montsaléon, an ancient Gallo-Roman city, welcomes you through its scattered residences on a hill surrounded by regular perimeters. Don’t miss its church with its arcaded bell tower and the remains of its castle.

Pays de Buëch | Camping Les Hauts de Rosans

Towards Laragne and Orpierre

Saléon, near Orpierre, was a place of tile making in Roman times; it stands out as a stronghold of the powerful barons of Mévouillon, whose coat of arms can be seen on one of the residences in the village. You can admire a chapel and the ruins of a 14th century castle.

A small car ride away, the village of Lagrand appears, based on an ancient Gallic oppidum. This village of character, with its arcaded houses and windows with engraved lintels, conceals a jewel of Provençal Romanesque art: the église de la Nativité de Notre-Dame, listed Historic Monument.

Continue up to Chanousse and its church decorated with a beautiful sundial, and make the most of the viewing point on the Blaisance valley.

East of Laragne-Montéglin, Upaix dominates the Durance and Buëch valleys. Its 14th century listed church, its chapel, its beautiful Renaissance buildings are among the many remains of its rich past. Finally, from the ruins of a tower located at the top of the hill, an orientation table gives you an exceptional 360° panorama.

Book your holidays in the High Alps now and we will be happy to make you discover our beautiful valleys from the top of these villages of character while guaranteeing you a stay of quality.

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Elevage Hautes-Alpes

Know-how and craftsmanship around Rosans in the High Alps

Know-how and craftsmanship around Rosans in the High Alps

Nestled in the beautiful site of the Baronnies provençales natural park, the village of Rosans is the ideal destination for off-road stays. Located in the heart of the “Provence des montagnes” (mountainous Provence), this small medieval village combines the beauty of the Alps with southern charm. In Rosans and around the village, discover the many secrets of know-how and craftsmanship during your camping stay at Les Hauts de Rosans campsite.

Ancestral know-how

It is the cultivation of olive trees and lime trees that predominates, and of course that of lavender, especially around Rosans. Not forgetting the goat and sheep farms at the origin of the making of delicious cheeses. Over the centuries, all these activities have shaped the landscape of this unique region.


Livestock, the living wealth of the Rosans area

Local producers open their doors in Moydans at the Téron cheese dairy and in Jassines, for the direct sale of goat cheese. There, you will also have the opportunity to discover the Observatoire des Baronnies provençales.

In Sorbiers, do take time to visit the farm “Les brebis de Céline” to taste some exquisite local cheeses and even yoghurts. These are all wonderful moments for children in the company of animals too!


Lavender, spirit of the Baronnies natural park

A short walk will take you to the distillery of La Rivière des Arômes, where you will be welcomed by a breath of scents. Lavender is treated, but many aromatic and medicinal plants are also grown organically. You will follow the different processes from the harvest to the final product, the famous lavender essential oil. These experts of plant transformation also produce floral waters, massage oils and floral syrups.


Savoir-faire et artisanat autour de Rosans Hautes-Alpes


A rich and varied region around the campsite

If you like honey, you will love the one produced by the local bees. You’ll have the opportunity to taste many different varieties, produced by the remarkable beekeepers of the region.

The Baronnies’ lands are favourable to diversified agriculture that respects the environment. During your visit to the priory of Saint-André de Rosans, don’t miss the Ferme Aux Arômes de Mange Fèves and its farm products: honey, essential oils, lime blossom, walnuts, plums, honey soaps…


Meet local craftsmen

The imposing Tour Carrée de Rosans opens its doors to local artisans and producers during the summer months. The surrounding villages are ideal places for working with leather, wood and original jewellery. One can even meet a cutler in La Forge de Rosans.

Lovers of knitting and natural wool creations will be delighted in Sigottier and Saint-Julien-en-Beauchêne and will enjoy a walk in Serres, a beautiful medieval village.

In the hands of artists, clay lends itself to all techniques to make superb creations, such as Corinne Vallière’s creations at Montclus. This peaceful village has other surprises in store, such as the silk painring workshop and its educational area.


Don’t wait to plan your next vacation!

It is with pleasure that we will welcome you to discover this little-known territory with many facets and offer you quality services.



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The Buëch valley


The Buëch valley

In a low mountain region, the Buëch valley is dominated by a few peaks including the Céüse mountain (2,016 metres) and the Chabre mountain (1,352 metres). A necessary passage between the Durance Valley and Grenoble, via the Croix-Haute pass, the Buëch Valley (Pays du Buëch, in French) is a remarkable tourist stop for many reasons. Let’s take a closer look at the numerous treasures of the Buëch valley that surrounds the Hauts de Rosans campsite.

Gentle mountains and perched villages of the Buëch valley

Camping Les Hauts de Rosans - Camping QualitéThe mountains of the Pays du Buëch rise south of the High Alps, the main destination for holidaymakers being the Baronnies Provençales Natural Park. Between apple trees, pear trees, lavender fields, it is an extraordinary natural area that offers, to those who venture there, all its beauty secrets. The perched villages of the Pays du Buëch, Serres, Rosans or l’Epine, are also characteristic of this region, offering holidaymakers a chance to stroll along the narrow streets where art crafts and Provencal traditions can be discovered and enjoyed at will.

Nature-related activities

For nature lovers, the Buëch valley offers all that one can hope for. From the refreshing water points of the Gorges de la Méouge to the water bodies of the Iscles in Veynes or the Germanette in Serres, there is plenty to choose from.

The internationally renowned cliffs of Orpierre offer strong sensations, just like the free flight on the mountain of Chabre overhanging Laragne-Montéglin. For those who prefer to stay on the ground, mountain biking and hiking are activities of choice in the Buëch valley. The relief of the Pays du Buëch varies between 500 and 2,700 meters of altitude offering, to those who have the chance to venture there, extraordinary panoramas on the arboricultural plains, the crests and the cliffs. The omnipresent nature is wild and extremely varied. Whether beginners or experienced naturalists, the Buëch is an immense territory of fascinating discoveries.

An original place halfway between Provence and the Alps

“Like men, countries have a nobility that can only be known through approach and friendly company. And there is no more powerful tool of approach and frequentation than walking. (…) The process of walking is to transform oneself into a magnifying glass or a telescope.” J. Giono  – Translated extract from a chronicle written on 15 October 1967 at the Dauphiné Libéré, entitled “walking”.

An area highly appreciated by climatologists and geologists, the Pays du Buëch offers a diversity of fauna and flora, mainly because of its privileged position between two particularly appreciated areas: Provence on one side and the Alps on the other.

The climate benefits from a Mediterranean influence with a humidity and sunshine rate that has nothing to envy that of the Côte d’Azur. As for the North wind, it gently moves the clouds away, giving the sky of the Pays du Buëch, the blue colour that characterises it.

A land of well-being and discovery, the Buëch valley has many treasures to discover during your camping holidays in the Hautes-Alpes.

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Escape to the Drôme provençale


Escape to the Drôme provençale

The Hauts de Rosans campsite enjoys a privileged geographical situation: it is located on the border of the Drôme Provençale, a region which seduces all those who pass through, by its landscapes, its vegetation and its architecture which recall the heart of Provence. Describing the Drôme provençale region couldn’t be easier: lavender fields as far as the eye can see, wheat fields, olive trees, hills, oil mills and magnificent villages full of history and authenticity. During your stay at Les Hauts de Rosans, take advantage of your free time to make escape to the Drôme provençale.

Escapade en Drôme provençale Camping Les Hauts de Rosans Randonnées


Why does the Drôme provençale seduce so many people?

As soon as you get to Montélimar, the Drôme Provençale extends in front of your eyes, operating a change of scenery and climate. Blue sky, colourful facades, sunshine… The Drôme provençale is the southernmost part of the Rhône-Alpes region; it enjoys a Mediterranean climate and, throughout the year, mild weather and plenty of sunshine. The Drôme provençale is thus ideal for many outdoor activities: hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, tennis, aerial sports (paragliding, climbing…) and water sports. The region’s landscapes are rich and varied, from the Rhône valley to the Baronnies Provençales.

Atypical and arousing curiosity, the perched villages of the Drôme Provençale continue to enchant visitors. It’s an absolute delight to stroll there, through their alleys, in the heart of Provençal markets and castles.

Finally, the Drôme provençale is a perfect place for food-lovers, thanks to a variety of local agricultural productions. Rich and varied area, the Drôme provençale tastes of Nyons’ olive oil, black truffle from Tricastin, nougat from Montélimar, lime from the Baronnies and, of course, lavender!

The little pleasures of the Drôme Provençale region

During your stay in Rosans, do take time to go out on small excursions and to be amazed by small simple pleasures…:

  • Admire and breathe lavender, through fields of magnificent colours and inimitable perfumes, from mid-June to August. Take the opportunity to learn the difference between lavender and lavandin and, why not, visit a lavender essential oil factory… In Ferrassières, Grignan, Nyons and Buis-les-Baronnies, you will find establishments offering visitors to discover the secrets of lavender.
  • Cycle along the Viarhôna, which goes from the shores of Lake Geneva to the beaches of the South of France, via the Drôme provençale. The road from Valencia to Avignon offers the opportunity to discover beautiful historic cities and pass through beautiful orchards and crops.
  • Discover the black truffle of Tricastin, full of mysteries and legends. Take advantage of the knowledge of truffle growers who will welcome you and share with you the secrets of the black diamond…
  • About sixty kilometres from the campsite, relax for a day in the thermal baths of Montbrun-les-Bains, in one of the most beautiful villages in France, and bathe in sulphurous and very healthy waters.


There’s so much to do around Rosans! Your stay at Les Hauts de Rosans campsite will be an opportunity to discover the Hautes-Alpes, but also the Drôme Provençale area. You will benefit from its very pleasant climate and the many treasures it contains. A beautiful vacation rich in discovery in perspective!

Escapade en Drôme provençale Camping Lavandes Les Hauts de Rosans

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6 reasons to book your summer vacation right now!

6 reasons to book your summer vacation right now!


Organized people know this well: it is better to book your summer holidays in advance. Contrary to popular belief, booking your summer vacation in advance does not only rime with savings. Here are 6 reasons to book your summer vacation right now!

  1. Save on your reservation

As the tourism industry fluctuates with the seasons, hoteliers and outdoor establishments have every reason to want to fill out their reservation bookings as early in the year as possible. As such, many of them offer early bookings at reduced prices. These offers can sometimes be very interesting in terms of price for those who book early.

In addition to reduced-price accommodation offers, customers can also benefit from certain advantages, such as free places for children, for instance, which can be very interesting for large families.

  1. Spread out your holiday budget

Booking your holiday in advance requires the payment of a deposit that generally equates to one third of the amount of the stay, plus booking fees. Paying for part of your summer vacation before spring is here is a great idea to help you manage your budget.

  1. First come, first served!

Have you ever been late for a party where there were only a few small appetizers and only cheap drinks left? The summer vacation market works the same way: the earlier you arrive the more options you have. For camping holidays, for example, if you want to stay at the same pitch as last year, or if you want to reserve a mobile home instead of another, you just have to specify it when you book. By booking in advance, you have every chance of having your request accepted.

  1. Boost your morale!

It’s winter. The fire crackles in the chimney, the days seem endless and the summer still seems far away. To banish the winter blues, there’s nothing like planning the next summer vacation in the sun. Sit comfortably on your sofa, get hold of your computer and take a look at the pictures of your holiday destination. In the Hautes-Alpes, summer promises to be full of emotions and discoveries. A few weeks or even months before you pack your bags for a camping holiday!

  1. Rejoice all your family members

“Honey, kids, we’re going camping this summer! ». Imagine the shouts of joy and the lively discussions around the table as you talk about the beautiful holidays ahead. Looking forward to a holiday, whether imminent or not, is a form of shared pleasure!

  1. A stress-free holiday preparation

Whilst last-minute holidays are an option, it often comes along with stress. Hotels and campsites fill up quickly, leaving you with less and less choice and options as time goes by. By booking your rental (mobile home or holiday home) or pitch in advance, you can save yourself a potentially time-consuming task and concentrate on the most important thing: preparing for your summer vacation. Tourist guides, books and maps are yours. Which places will you discover? What activities will you do? Which town or village will you visit? Your time will be well spent!

Book your summer holiday at camping Les Hauts de Rosans now. For enjoyable holidays in a beautiful natural setting!