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How to convince the most sceptical to go camping in the High Alps this summer?

“Darling, this summer, we’re going camping in the High Alps in France ! ». In front of your enthusiasm, your wife frowns, your two teenagers seem depressed and your youngest, from the top of his 8 years, is perplexed. Don’t worry: their reaction is neither a disease nor a way to protest against you. You’re just dealing with sceptical campers. Here are some powerful arguments that will tip the scales your way… without too much effort.


“Camping? Don’t even think about it!”

The simple word “camping”, gets your wife thinking about tent canvas, mosquitoes, lack of comfort and other preconceived ideas belonging to another era. Don’t blame her: she’s not the only one who’s wrong about the current meaning of camping holidays. First, tell her that the Hauts de Rosans is a 4-star campsite. This translates into high-end, very comfortable and modern accommodation, a heated swimming pool (yes, ma’am!), quality services and a stunning environment. Don’t hesitate to show her some pictures to convince her… In principle, you won’t need to insist more for her to accept… even if she refuses to admit that she was wrong in the first place.


“We’ll get bored! There’s nothing to do!”

Would your teenagers have decided to turn away, at least a few hours a day, from their mobile phones and tablets? It’s already a good thing, don’t you think? Tell them about the activities they can try, a few miles only from the campsite: climbing, paragliding, hiking (well, okay… we won’t go too far… And it’s flat… Well, almost. Promised!). Tell them they can swim in the heated pool and meet other kids their own age. And if that’s not enough, tell them there’s WiFi and it’s free!


“What’s camping?”

Your youngest just finished his second grade. Apart from the TV series and comics he’s gone through, camping doesn’t mean much to him. Never mind. To start with, reassure him: “There will be fries, my darling”. Now that you have established favourable conditions, explain to him that you will stay in a great place, that he will have a super cool tent for himself (if there is availability !), that he will be able to go to bed late, enjoy the swimming pool and that you will do many beautiful things together: mountain biking, walks, excursions…


You are prepared to convince even the most recalcitrant members of your family to spend a summer camping vacation. The 4-star campsite, in the Hautes-Alpes, Les Hauts de Rosans, promises a successful holiday in a privileged setting, with an optimal level of comfort. Once they’ve tried it, they won’t want to go back!

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Know-how and craftsmanship around Rosans in the High Alps

Know-how and craftsmanship around Rosans in the High Alps

Nestled in the beautiful site of the Baronnies provençales natural park, the village of Rosans is the ideal destination for off-road stays. Located in the heart of the “Provence des montagnes” (mountainous Provence), this small medieval village combines the beauty of the Alps with southern charm. In Rosans and around the village, discover the many secrets of know-how and craftsmanship during your camping stay at Les Hauts de Rosans campsite.

Ancestral know-how

It is the cultivation of olive trees and lime trees that predominates, and of course that of lavender, especially around Rosans. Not forgetting the goat and sheep farms at the origin of the making of delicious cheeses. Over the centuries, all these activities have shaped the landscape of this unique region.


Livestock, the living wealth of the Rosans area

Local producers open their doors in Moydans at the Téron cheese dairy and in Jassines, for the direct sale of goat cheese. There, you will also have the opportunity to discover the Observatoire des Baronnies provençales.

In Sorbiers, do take time to visit the farm “Les brebis de Céline” to taste some exquisite local cheeses and even yoghurts. These are all wonderful moments for children in the company of animals too!


Lavender, spirit of the Baronnies natural park

A short walk will take you to the distillery of La Rivière des Arômes, where you will be welcomed by a breath of scents. Lavender is treated, but many aromatic and medicinal plants are also grown organically. You will follow the different processes from the harvest to the final product, the famous lavender essential oil. These experts of plant transformation also produce floral waters, massage oils and floral syrups.


Savoir-faire et artisanat autour de Rosans Hautes-Alpes


A rich and varied region around the campsite

If you like honey, you will love the one produced by the local bees. You’ll have the opportunity to taste many different varieties, produced by the remarkable beekeepers of the region.

The Baronnies’ lands are favourable to diversified agriculture that respects the environment. During your visit to the priory of Saint-André de Rosans, don’t miss the Ferme Aux Arômes de Mange Fèves and its farm products: honey, essential oils, lime blossom, walnuts, plums, honey soaps…


Meet local craftsmen

The imposing Tour Carrée de Rosans opens its doors to local artisans and producers during the summer months. The surrounding villages are ideal places for working with leather, wood and original jewellery. One can even meet a cutler in La Forge de Rosans.

Lovers of knitting and natural wool creations will be delighted in Sigottier and Saint-Julien-en-Beauchêne and will enjoy a walk in Serres, a beautiful medieval village.

In the hands of artists, clay lends itself to all techniques to make superb creations, such as Corinne Vallière’s creations at Montclus. This peaceful village has other surprises in store, such as the silk painring workshop and its educational area.


Don’t wait to plan your next vacation!

It is with pleasure that we will welcome you to discover this little-known territory with many facets and offer you quality services.