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How to convince the most sceptical to go camping in the High Alps this summer?

“Darling, this summer, we’re going camping in the High Alps in France ! ». In front of your enthusiasm, your wife frowns, your two teenagers seem depressed and your youngest, from the top of his 8 years, is perplexed. Don’t worry: their reaction is neither a disease nor a way to protest against you. You’re just dealing with sceptical campers. Here are some powerful arguments that will tip the scales your way… without too much effort.


“Camping? Don’t even think about it!”

The simple word “camping”, gets your wife thinking about tent canvas, mosquitoes, lack of comfort and other preconceived ideas belonging to another era. Don’t blame her: she’s not the only one who’s wrong about the current meaning of camping holidays. First, tell her that the Hauts de Rosans is a 4-star campsite. This translates into high-end, very comfortable and modern accommodation, a heated swimming pool (yes, ma’am!), quality services and a stunning environment. Don’t hesitate to show her some pictures to convince her… In principle, you won’t need to insist more for her to accept… even if she refuses to admit that she was wrong in the first place.


“We’ll get bored! There’s nothing to do!”

Would your teenagers have decided to turn away, at least a few hours a day, from their mobile phones and tablets? It’s already a good thing, don’t you think? Tell them about the activities they can try, a few miles only from the campsite: climbing, paragliding, hiking (well, okay… we won’t go too far… And it’s flat… Well, almost. Promised!). Tell them they can swim in the heated pool and meet other kids their own age. And if that’s not enough, tell them there’s WiFi and it’s free!


“What’s camping?”

Your youngest just finished his second grade. Apart from the TV series and comics he’s gone through, camping doesn’t mean much to him. Never mind. To start with, reassure him: “There will be fries, my darling”. Now that you have established favourable conditions, explain to him that you will stay in a great place, that he will have a super cool tent for himself (if there is availability !), that he will be able to go to bed late, enjoy the swimming pool and that you will do many beautiful things together: mountain biking, walks, excursions…


You are prepared to convince even the most recalcitrant members of your family to spend a summer camping vacation. The 4-star campsite, in the Hautes-Alpes, Les Hauts de Rosans, promises a successful holiday in a privileged setting, with an optimal level of comfort. Once they’ve tried it, they won’t want to go back!

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6 reasons to book your summer vacation right now!

6 reasons to book your summer vacation right now!


Organized people know this well: it is better to book your summer holidays in advance. Contrary to popular belief, booking your summer vacation in advance does not only rime with savings. Here are 6 reasons to book your summer vacation right now!

  1. Save on your reservation

As the tourism industry fluctuates with the seasons, hoteliers and outdoor establishments have every reason to want to fill out their reservation bookings as early in the year as possible. As such, many of them offer early bookings at reduced prices. These offers can sometimes be very interesting in terms of price for those who book early.

In addition to reduced-price accommodation offers, customers can also benefit from certain advantages, such as free places for children, for instance, which can be very interesting for large families.

  1. Spread out your holiday budget

Booking your holiday in advance requires the payment of a deposit that generally equates to one third of the amount of the stay, plus booking fees. Paying for part of your summer vacation before spring is here is a great idea to help you manage your budget.

  1. First come, first served!

Have you ever been late for a party where there were only a few small appetizers and only cheap drinks left? The summer vacation market works the same way: the earlier you arrive the more options you have. For camping holidays, for example, if you want to stay at the same pitch as last year, or if you want to reserve a mobile home instead of another, you just have to specify it when you book. By booking in advance, you have every chance of having your request accepted.

  1. Boost your morale!

It’s winter. The fire crackles in the chimney, the days seem endless and the summer still seems far away. To banish the winter blues, there’s nothing like planning the next summer vacation in the sun. Sit comfortably on your sofa, get hold of your computer and take a look at the pictures of your holiday destination. In the Hautes-Alpes, summer promises to be full of emotions and discoveries. A few weeks or even months before you pack your bags for a camping holiday!

  1. Rejoice all your family members

“Honey, kids, we’re going camping this summer! ». Imagine the shouts of joy and the lively discussions around the table as you talk about the beautiful holidays ahead. Looking forward to a holiday, whether imminent or not, is a form of shared pleasure!

  1. A stress-free holiday preparation

Whilst last-minute holidays are an option, it often comes along with stress. Hotels and campsites fill up quickly, leaving you with less and less choice and options as time goes by. By booking your rental (mobile home or holiday home) or pitch in advance, you can save yourself a potentially time-consuming task and concentrate on the most important thing: preparing for your summer vacation. Tourist guides, books and maps are yours. Which places will you discover? What activities will you do? Which town or village will you visit? Your time will be well spent!

Book your summer holiday at camping Les Hauts de Rosans now. For enjoyable holidays in a beautiful natural setting!