Camping Moyenne Montagne - Les Hauts de Rosans

Why should you choose a mid-mountain site to go camping?

Why should you choose a mid-mountain site to go camping?

A few months before the summer holidays, it is time to make a decision regarding your destination. As often, many will prefer the beaches while some will opt for the pleasures of the mountains. And you? Have you ever thought about all the advantages that summer holidays will offer you in a mid-mountain campsite like Rosans in the Baronnies provençales?

Rediscover calm and true relaxation

Above all, holidays should allow you to recharge your batteries for the rest of the year. Why would you want to pile up on overcrowded beaches or suffer the heat wave? Instead, come and enjoy the large spaces available. Breathe a pure and invigorating air which will guarantee you peaceful nights and thus a truly restorative sleep! Moreover, by choosing the mountain, you won’t even need to endure the slowdowns and traffic jams to get to the coast. Admit it’s a great way to start your vacation, isn’t it?

Enjoy the beauty of nature

The mountain allows you to take height and enjoy absolutely superb panoramas. A word of advice, don’t forget your camera! In the Baronnies provençales region, you can also admire natural lakes and wild streams. Just like at the seaside, you can lay your towel on the edge and enjoy the purity of the water. Wildlife is also great in mountainous areas. By learning to observe it, you will discover all its beauty and diversity for magical and unforgettable memories. Moreover, you will have access to a hiking circuit to make the most all the hidden charms of the area, starting from the campsite. Get your backpack and walking shoes ready now! Many sporting activities (some of which will give you shivers such as parachuting or hang gliding) will also be available to those who are looking for thrills.

Baronnies provençales - Camping Les Hauts de Rosans

Discover home produce

The mid-mountain villages have managed to preserve their picturesque and rustic side. You will have all the leisure to discover authentic villages. You will thus have access to all the richness of the products resulting from a soil of a great quality. Thanks to the formidable know-how of the local craftsmen, do take time to taste sausages with a unique taste, cheeses of character and many other delicious specialities. Don’t hesitate to ask about the various restaurants and inns in the region. Expect beautiful surprises as the soil of the Baronnies provençales is rich and varied!

Would you like to discover or go back to a mid-mountain campsite in the Baronnies provençales? Don’t wait any longer to make your reservation for this summer!


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