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Holidays in the High Alps

How to convince the most sceptical to spend their summer holidays camping in the Hautes-Alpes ?

"This summer, it's decided: we're leaving for a camping trip in the Hautes-Alpes! ». In front of your surge of enthusiasm, your wife pouting, your two teenagers seem to be upset and your youngest, aged 8, remains perplexed. Rest assured: their reaction is neither a disease nor a way of protesting against you. You are simply dealing with sceptical campers. So here are some strong arguments that will tip the scales in your favour... without too much effort.

Camping? You don't think about it !

At the term camping, your wife associates tent canvas, mosquitoes, lack of comfort and other preconceived ideas from another era. Don't hold it against her: she is not the only one who is wrong about the current meaning of camping holiday. First tell her that Les Hauts de Rosans is a 4-star campsite. This translates into top-of-the-range, very comfortable and modern accommodation, a heated swimming pool (yes, madam!), quality services and an absolutely superb environment. Don't hesitate to show her a few photos to convince her... In principle, you won't need to insist that she accepts... even if she refuses to admit that she was wrong.

We're going to get bored! There's nothing to do

Would your teenagers have decided to turn away, at least for a few hours a day, from their mobile phones and tablets? That's already a good thing, don't you think? Tell them about the activities they can try, just a few moments away from the campsite: climbing, paragliding, hiking (well, ok... we won't go too far. And it's flat...; Well, almost. Promise!). Tell them that they will be able to swim in the heated swimming pool and meet young people of their own age. And if that's not enough, tell them that there's WiFi and it's free!

What is the campsite ?

Your little one has just finished his CE1 year. Apart from the TV series and stories by TomTom and Nana, he doesn't know about camping. What does it matter! Reassure him right away: "there will be fries, my darling". Now that you have established favourable conditions, explain to him that you will be staying in a great place, that he will have a bivouac tent all to himself (if there is room!), that he will be able to go to bed late, enjoy the swimming pool and that you will do lots of nice things together: mountain biking, walks, excursions...

You are prepared to convince even the most recalcitrant members of your family to spend a summer camping holiday. The 4-star campsite, in the Hautes-Alpes, is a successful holiday in a privileged setting, with an optimal level of comfort. Once they've had a taste of it, they won't want to go back...

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