Zoom on the Drôme provençale

Zoom on the Drôme provençale

You have landed in this beautiful place in France, the Drôme Provençale. Your suitcases are packed, you are ready to discover, explore, enjoy all the resources that this rich and varied environment has to offer. One thing is certain: you’ll be busy!

For wilderness enthusiasts

The Baronnies provençales regional nature park is a vast area where alpine and Mediterranean climates meet, together with rock and sun, creating an interesting diversity of fauna and flora. It is not impossible, if you look up to the sky, to see large raptors such as the golden eagle or vultures flying above you!

The strength of this landscape is characterized by its raw and singular reliefs, real sculptures carved directly into the stone. An incredible wild land where the preservation of species is paramount. To have the chance to observe all this heritage and enjoy the change of scenery, trails are practicable for this purpose.

For history enthusiasts

In the heart of the Baronnies, on the border of the Drôme provençale, lies the charming village of Rosans, once a fortified village, where holidaymakers can stroll through cobbled streets. One can observe the vestiges of the past in this picturesque medieval village. Stones of character, vaulted doors, an ancient Protestant temple and the Saint Arey church with its bell tower from the early 18th century will delight you during your stroll … out of time.

An emblematic and historical element surmounting this place: the Square Tower dating from the 18thcentury, which can be visited most of the year. If you wish to bring an educational touch to your outing, guided tours are organised every day during the summer period on request at the ecomuseum.

For physical activity enthusiasts

It is up to you to find the way you want to visit the large natural spaces that the Baronnies Provençales park has to offer. By taking a little speed on the bike paths, by spreading your wings with paragliders, flying over the mountain and forest massifs, or simply by putting on your best shoes to go hiking. Mountain guides will be there to accompany you and deliver you all the secrets that make the richness of these valleys.

For those who like to have their head in the stars

The astronomical observatory near Rosans, 4 km away, offers a fabulous experience. Armed with your telescope, day or night, you can observe stars or constellations by day. This site benefits from a beautiful black sky, free from light pollution or clouds. The night show will be there, waiting for you, together with explanations from astronomy professionals and enthusiasts.

If you too want to have an unforgettable stay full of emotions, all in a relaxing setting, book your pitch at Les Hauts de Rosans campsite now.


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